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All you need for a successful Arabic store in Shopify

At mwwared.com, we provide you with everything you need to launch a successful Arabic e-commerce store in Shopify: templates, themes, apps, notifications, alerts, tutorials...

Casablanca: Arabic Shopify theme

Casablanca is a 100% Arabic Shopify theme from right to left (RTL). It is suitable for creating an online store for a Brand or a Dropshipiping store. It supports multiple languages, and has many features...

Brooklyn: Arabic Shopify Theme

The popular Shopify Brooklyn theme is now 100% Arabic and from right to left (RTL). It is suitable for creating an online store for a Brand or a Drop Shipping store. Setting up an online store has never been this easy.

Arabic Shopfiy Notifications

The Arabify app enables you to have Shopify email notifications in Arabic. Make your purchasing experience unique to your customers and send emails in your customers' language.

Delete customer accounts

Comply with GDPR (EU) and PDPL Ministry of Commerce (Saudi Arabia) and allow customers to close their accounts with Bayanatify Shopify App.

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