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Casablanca: Arabify Shopfiy Theme

Shopify theme 100% Arabic from right to left (RTL). It is suitable for creating an online store for a brand or a dropshiping store. It supports multiple languages. It has many features...

Full Arabic + RTL

Designed for the Arabic language, spelling and linguistic check, RTL design, it has professional Arabic fonts and supports multiple languages.

Advanced features

The Casablanca template is equipped with everything you need: SEO, speed and performance, custom sections, advanced product sorting and much more.

Shopify 2.0 template

It is based on the latest Shopify 2.0 update. Create custom pages and multiple sections for images, products, videos, and more.

Responsive to all devices

The Casablanca template is responsive to all devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone). With easy and smooth navigation and highly curated content.

Why Casablanca theme ?

Arabic theme for your store

Whatever you sell, the Casablanca theme is all you'll need to create a powerful online store that gives your customers a beautiful and smooth shopping experience. Casablanca is designed for Arab e-commerce stores that have Arab customers from North Africa and the Middle East.

Make your store professional.

  • For brands

    Create a professional online store for your brand in Arabic on the Shopify platform, and display your products in style and stand out from other stores and competitors.

  • For dropshipping in the Arab world

    The Casablanca theme enables you to create 100% Arabic e-shops quickly and professionally. Create your e-store using the Casablanca template and start selling immediately.

What our customers say about us

There is nothing more compelling than hearing the opinions of customers who have used and tried our products. Our goal is to provide products and solutions that are suitable to our customers and exceed their expectations.

منتج رائع و يسهل عمل موقع عربي احترافي

Ahmad Dayyeh



الوحيد المتميز بهذا المجال

safwan hadid



ثيم كازبلانكا جميل وعصري وعربي،،، واجهت مشاكل بسيطة عند التفعيل ولكن فريق موارد استجابوا وحلوا جميع المشاكل بلطف وسرعه. وهذا جعلني متطمن اكثر للاستمرار معهم. انصح كل المهتمين بعدم التردد في استخدام كازبلانكا! شكرا فريق موارد

محمد خالد

صار لي مدة ببحث عن ثيم عربي ممتاز. الحمد لله وجدته عندكم

عبد العزيز

Get the Casablanca theme now!

Invest in an Arabic theme that makes your store professional, and attracts customers.
  • 100% Arabic theme
  • Right to left (RTL)
  • Arabic fonts
  • Many features
Can I add another language to the theme such as English?

Yes, the main language of the theme is Arabic. You can add an unlimited number of other languages to your store such as English, French, etc...

Is there technical support for the theme? What is the response time?

We have a knowledge base for the template, with detailed explanations. But if there is a problem or defect in the theme, we will help you solve it.

Can I use the theme in more than one store?

The Casablanca theme can be used in one store only. However, you have full freedom to move the theme to another store provided it is removed from the current store.

Will I be allowed to resell the theme?

No, it is forbidden to resell the theme. If you would like to work with us as a theme distributor with a commission, please send us an email: info@mwwared.com

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